Results – 2017 Sporthque Classic

“The Sportheque Classic, held April 27-30, attracted 63 entries, including three from Quebec City  and thirteen from the Montreal area. In the Men’s Open final, 3rd seeded Maxym Leclair beat top seed Maxime Blouin, of Quebec City, 11-9,4-11,11-9,10-12,12-10 in a thrilling match. Sebastien Boucley of  Montreal beat Dominic Wren in four games for 3rd spot, while David Guest was 5th.The Women’s A/B title was won convincingly by Sally Guest, David’s wife, over Gabrielle Renaud of the OAC, who is in her final year of junior eligibility. In the Men’s A, Alex Gloor of Goodlife-Queensview overcame Mario Gagnon of Quebec City in four games, while the Men’s B title went to 13 year-old Karim Michael of Montreal, who survived three consecutive 5 game matches, en route to beating Patrick Robichaud of NDHQ in the final.

Men’s Open

  1. Maxym Leclair (Squash Outaouais)
  2. Maxime Blouin (CDSM – Quebec City)
  3. Sebastien Boucley (Club Sportif MAA – Montreal)
  4. Dominic Wren (Sportheque)
  5. David Guest (OAC)

Women’s A/B

  1. Sally Guest (Ottawa)
  2. Gabrielle Renaud (OAC)
  3. Lea Provencal (Club Sportif MAA)
  4. Alex Deffieux (YMCA – Montreal)
  5. Jasmine Boucley (Club Sportif MAA)

Men’s A

  1. Alex Gloor (Goodlife – QV)
  2. Mario Gagnon (CDSM – Quebec City)
  3. Patrick McDonnell-Alegre (RA Centre)
  4. Simon Roy (RA Centre)
  5. Nicolas Grenapin (RA Centre)

Men’s B

  1. Karim Michael (MLS Club Sanctuaire – Montreal)
  2. Patrick Robichaud (NDHQ)
  3. Greg Archi (OAC)
  4. Pablo Morales (Univ. of Ottawa)
  5. Stephane Carini (Cascades)

Women’s C/D

  1. Isabelle Bussieres (Physical Park – Montreal)
  2. Ella Ross (RA Centre)
  3. Nadia Brault (RA Centre)
  4. Detelina Jeliazkova (Sportheque)
  5. Nancy Bilodeau (Sportheque)

Men’s C

  1. David Fullerton (Univ. of Ottawa)
  2. Mikola Czich (RA Centre)
  3. Maxime Lacroix (Club Sportif MAA)
  4. Michel Dupont (Sportheque)

Men’s D

  1. Frederik Bemeur-Thorson (Sportheque)
  2. Nancy Bilodeau (Sportheque)
  3. Philippe Wallace (RA Centre)
  4. Mathis-Olivier Cote (Sportheque)