2017 Adrian Dudzicki ODSA Cup Winners

Better late than never! The winners of all divisions have been determined for the 2017 edition of the Adrian Dudzicki ODSA Cup. This year marked a significant achievement where both the AA and A division finals were father/son match-ups! Congratulations to this years winners!

AA Division

  • Winner: Dominic Wren (Sportheque)
  • Runner-Up: Steve Wren (Sportheque)

A Division

  • Winner: Martin Aass (OAC)
  • Runner-Up: Barrett Aass (OAC)

B Division

  • Winner: Ryan Rourke (OAC)
  • Runner-Up: Matt Gadient (Goodlife Queensview)

C Division

  • Winner: George Chamberlain (Goodlife Queensview)
  • Runner-Up: Derek Stewart (Orleans)