Results – 2017 RA Summer Open

The RA Summer Open (Aug. 24 – 26) attracted 40 entries,including three women and three out of towners. The four events had many five-setters, with the A, B, and C finals all featuring come from behind nail-biters. Maxym Leclair, the tournament director, and Pranav Sharma, of Montreal, put on a dazzling display of drops, hard drives, and defensive lobs, in the ‘A’ Division. Maxym, after trailing 5-10 in the final game, turned on the burners to win the next 7 points and the game at 12-10, over his opponent. In the ‘B’ Div., Thomas Porter of the OAC finally won over his previous nemesis, Toby Murray of the RA, 18-16 in the fifth. The ‘C’ Division featured two up and coming juniors, Iman Shaheen of Barrhaven, now  No. 3 in Squash Canada’s latest GU 13 rankings, and Philippe Shillington of the OAC. Iman is having trouble finding Ottawa competitors of her age, so has to play up, but still managed to take this thriller, 16-14 in the 5th. In the ‘D’ event, newcomer Majid Charania of the RA, won 3-0 over Mathieu Shillington of the OAC.

A Division

  • 1st – Maxym Leclair (Squash Outaouais)
  • 2nd – Pranav Sharma (Atwater, Mtl)
  • 3rd – Dominic Wren (Sportheque)
  • Cons – Patrick Duquette (RA Centre)

B Division

  • 1st – Thomas Porter (OAC)
  • 2nd – Toby Murray (RA Centre)
  • 3rd – Pablo Morales (UOtt)
  • Cons – Greg Archi (OAC)

C Division

  • 1st – Iman Shaheen (Barrhaven)
  • 2nd – Philippe Shillington (OAC)
  • 3rd – Tom Scholberg (OAC)
  • Cons – Antonio Giamberardino (RA Centre)

D Division

  • 1st – Majid Charania (RA Centre)
  • 2nd – Mathieu Shillington (OAC)
  • 3rd – Felix Scholberg (OAC)
  • Cons – Steve Wallace (RA Centre)