Results – 2018 RA Winter Open

The RA Winter Open took place Jan. 25-28, and attracted over 50 entrants in the Men’s A, B, C events, and combined Women’s C/D and Men’s D event.

Nicolas Dupont (Cascades) fully earned the Men’s “A” title over Brian Eldridge (RA), 10-12, 12-10, 11-9, 7-11, 11-7, after surviving an 80 minute five setter over Steve Oakey in the semis. Nicolas eventually forced his opponent into more frequent errors, with lengthy rallies, after Brian had gained many points through brilliant shot-making.

In the “B” event, Kabir Bhangoo, a 1st year University of Ottawa student from the Windsor dominated his Montreal opponent in 3 short games. Showing fleetness of foot and a very flexible wrist, he mixed well disguised shots and changes of pace, with telling effect. The “C” event was won 3-0 by Dan Westrup (RA), who was steadier than his younger OAC opponent. The Women’s C/D cum Men’s D event went to Cailyn Edwards, winning her second ODSA title of the month, this time over RA compatriot, Luz Osorio.

Division A

  • 1st – Nicolas Dupont (Cascades Club)
  • 2nd – Brian Eldridge (RA Centre)
  • 3rd – Steve Oakey (RA Centre)
  • 4th – Mario Gagnon (CDSM, Quebec City)
  • Cons – Alex Gloor (Goodlife Queensview)

Division B

  • 1st – Kabir Bhangoo (uOttawa)
  • 2nd –¬†Antoine Duplessis (CDL, Montreal)
  • 3/4 – Thomas Porter (OAC)
  • 3/4 – Vincent Ferlat (Club Atwater, Montreal)
  • Cons – Emmet Stiff (Goodlife Queensview)

Division C

  • 1st – Dan Westrup (Osgoode)
  • 2nd – Felix Scholberg (OAC)
  • 3rd – Tom Scholberg (OAC)
  • 4th – Stephanie Bazin (RA Centre)
  • Cons – Mitch Wasson (RA Centre)

Division D

  • 1st – Cailyn Edwards (RA Centre)
  • 2nd – Luz Osorio (Carleton)
  • 3rd – Nadia Brault (RA Centre)
  • 4th – Gerald Lanigan (RA Centre)