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mantaManta World Sport is a proudly Canadian company that has been producing superior racquet sports equipment since 1972. Originally a division of Yonex Canada, Manta continues to be an industry leader in production and design, proof of an enduring commitment to quality in both racquet design and manufacturing throughout the world.



Transform Your Game with Racquet Science! Owned and operated by Master Racquet Technician and avid squash player , Larry Howes in Kingston, ON, Larry has extensive knowledge in all things racquets and sporting equipment. Visit Racquet Science to learn more about Larry and his passion for the sport and business!




OLIVER’ rackets are recognized worldwide. Innovative materials such as Metacarbon™, MC-Eplon™, Nano-Eplon™ and the point-technology have set new standards in the racket industry. The design of individual rackets for each player type is a distinct hallmark of OLIVER.




Your trusted squash store. We carry a great selection of squash racquets, squash shoes and other squash gear and all at a great price.







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