Results – 2017 RA Summer Open

The RA Summer Open (Aug. 24 – 26) attracted 40 entries,including three women and three out of towners. The four events had many five-setters, with the A, B, and C finals all featuring come from behind nail-biters. Maxym Leclair, the tournament director, and Pranav Sharma, of Montreal, put on a dazzling display of drops, hard drives, and defensive lobs, in…
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Results – 2017 Cascades Summer Open

The 2017 Cascades Summer Open was held the weekend of July 14-16. Here are the results: A Draw Fernando Hernandez (Montreal) David Guest (OAC) B Draw Nicholas Grenapin (RA Centre) Stephane Racle (NDHQ) Stephane Carini (Cascades) C Draw Tom Scholberg (OAC) Raquel Roth (Montreal) Derek Evans (Kingston) D Draw Michel Dupont (Sporthque) Baxter Scholberg (OAC) Andrew Seal (RA)

2017 Adrian Dudzicki ODSA Cup Winners

Better late than never! The winners of all divisions have been determined for the 2017 edition of the Adrian Dudzicki ODSA Cup. This year marked a significant achievement where both the AA and A division finals were father/son match-ups! Congratulations to this years winners! AA Division Winner: Dominic Wren (Sportheque) Runner-Up: Steve Wren (Sportheque) A Division Winner: Martin Aass (OAC)…
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Results – 2017 Sporthque Classic

“The Sportheque Classic, held April 27-30, attracted 63 entries, including three from Quebec City  and thirteen from the Montreal area. In the Men’s Open final, 3rd seeded Maxym Leclair beat top seed Maxime Blouin, of Quebec City, 11-9,4-11,11-9,10-12,12-10 in a thrilling match. Sebastien Boucley of  Montreal beat Dominic Wren in four games for 3rd spot, while David Guest was 5th.The…
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Results – 2017 Cascades Open

The recently completed March 2017 Cascades Club Squash Open saw plenty of intense action across 3 divisions of play. Competitors finishing off in significant positions are listed below. Division 1 Winner – Dominic Wren (Sportheque) Runner Up – Fernando Hernandez (MAA) Cons – Patrick Duquette (RA Centre) Division 2 Winner – Khaled El Ghayesh (UOttawa) Runner Up – Edouard Poitras…
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Results – 2017 OAC Open

Enjoying its 40th anniversary, the Ottawa Athletic Club hosted 48 players in 4 events on February 17-19. Rudy Rodriguez, who lead OAC 1 to the ODSA City League title last year, was a comfortable winner of the “A” event over club mate Michael Carneiro. The 16 year-old, 6′ 2″, Thomas Porter won the “B” over club mate Ryan Rourke, while…
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Results – Squash Ontario Jesters Harrow Junior Silver

Goodlife Queensview hosted 48 players in five draws, with competitors from Toronto and Sudbury each capturing two titles. Three players from Montreal also took home prizes. Eleven year old Iman Shaheen took the remaining title (GU 17), while other ODSA juniors placed highly in all events. Iman, a product of the Walter Baker Sports Centre’s training program, is currently 9th in the…
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