Open City League

The ODSA operates an Open City League on Wednesday nights throughout the regular squash season. Play takes place throughout the city at participating clubs. Participation in the ODSA Open City League is strictly voluntary and is meant for the enjoyment of squash players participating in league play.

Players participating in league play do so at their own risk.

ODSA Open City League Rules

City League Contacts (password protected)

Score Sheets

Court-side score sheet

Team score sheet

The ODSA Open City League is powered by:

Captain Information – Details on Rankenstein’s support for the ODSA Open City league and instructions for submitting results.

Visit Rankenstein for Standings, Schedules and Result Submission.

DISCLAIMER – By playing in the OPEN City League you agree to have match results submitted to Rankenstein. Match results and player statistics for all players in Rankenstein are publicly available. Once results are submitted, they will not be removed under any circumstance.