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Sep 26-28Ontario Women's Masters TeamDetails
Sep 28Junior Grand Prix #1Details
Oct 3-5ODSA Rust RemoverDetails
Oct 17-19Ontario Junior Gold #2Details
Nov 2Junior Grand Prix #2
Nov 6-9Goodlife Open
Nov 21-23Kingston Garrison Open
Nov 27-30RA Masters Open
Nov 30Junior Grand Prix #3
Latest Results

ODSA Rankings as of 2014-10-01 at 08:40:06

Rank Name Club Rating
1Karim OsmanOAC8917
2Steve WrenSPOR8838
3Calvin WrenSPOR8834
4Berno MaritzGOOD8765
5Vinay LodhaRA8735
6Josh RenaudOAC8724
7Michael Vallejos-SevillaOAC8696
8Sean Vallejos-SevillaOAC8687
9Jeff WilsonRA8683
10Nicolas DupontSPOR8681
11Benjamin BrassardSPOR8671
12Rob WalshRA8668
13Maxym LeclairSPOR8666
14Eric LeblancSPOR8663
15Neil TubbRA8636
16Mikel CasaresOAC8632
17David MorrishRA8624
18Richard YoungGOOD8621
19Brian EldridgeRA8610
20Martin AassRA8596
Rank Name Club Rating
1Julie Springer-AassRA8323
2Rachel DrummondOAC7813
3Debbie WithamRA7725
4Virginia AncilOAC7705
5Stephanie BazinRA7659
6Viola HennesseyRA7637
7Tracy SlyGOOD7629
8Lisa MacelweeGOOD7593
9Barbara ByrneRA7476
10Jane HicksRA7392
11Allison VerneyGOOD7370
12Jocelyne CalozGOOD7346
13Mariella CzetwertynskiRA7304
14Barbara FischerRA7254
15Angella FarrNEP7207
16Chloe WrenSPOR7187
17Roxanne GagneSPOR7182
18Lesley KellyRA7180
19Erin FitzpatrickRA7133
20Danielle ShaienksRA7118
Rank Name Club Rating
1Benjamin BrassardSPOR8671
2Franco PatryORL8390
3Tarun BalarajBARR8233
4Charlie LooRA8207
5Dominic WrenSPOR7930
6Rachel DrummondOAC7813
7Barrett AassRA7634
8Chris JourdeuilRA7617
9Aidan CorbellORL7551
10Chloe WrenSPOR7187
11Robert BanensGOOD5054