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    Steve Gobel - 13 Matches. You're an animal Steve!
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    William Szepesi - 1764. You're fabulous William!
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    Brian Kingston - 13 Matches. Way to go Brian!
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ODSA Rankings as of 2015-08-30 at 18:25:02

Rank Name Club Rating
1Karim OsmanCARL8928
2Shady ElkamhawyRA8879
3Maxym LeclairSPOR8851
4Steve WrenSPOR8828
5Michael Vallejos-SevillaOAC8799
6Sean Vallejos-SevillaOAC8771
7Vinay LodhaRA8728
8Eric LeblancSPOR8700
9Matt ArkettRA8691
10Rob WalshRA8656
11Rudy RodriguezOAC8642
12Brian EldridgeRA8620
13Dominic LaflammeSPOR8614
14Stephane LussierRA8606
15Martin AassRA8593
16Jeff WilsonRA8591
17David MorrishRA8586
18Michael ConnollyGOOD8576
19Steve OakeyRA8573
20Gavin HamiltonRA8572
Rank Name Club Rating
1Julie Springer-AassRA8220
2Rachel DrummondOAC7867
3Debbie WithamRA7683
4Stephanie BazinRA7562
5Catherine GiachinoOAC7512
6Barbara ByrneRA7502
7Deanna RothwellGOOD7498
8Viola HennesseyRA7492
9Lisa MacElweeGOOD7427
10Jamie NelsonGOOD7421
11Lorraine TetreaultGOOD7410
12Tracey SlyGOOD7394
13Chloe WrenSPOR7353
14Allison VerneyGOOD7344
15Angella FarrNEP7343
16Roxanne GagneSPOR7333
17Anik EganRA7298
18Jocelyne CalozGOOD7271
19Jane HicksRA7255
20Erin FitzpatrickRA7202
Rank Name Club Rating
1Franco PatryORL8570
2Tarun BalarajRA8481
3Dominic WrenSPOR8393
4Nicholas De SousaORL8346
5Rachel DrummondOAC7867
6Ryan DashGOOD7778
7Barrett AassRA7773
8Shaehan CorbellORL7760
9Chris JourdeuilRA7755
10Thomas PorterOAC7597
11Karim MichaelOTHER7580
12Glen ChamberlainGOOD7454
13Jamie NelsonGOOD7421
14Chloe WrenSPOR7353
15Jacob ZachariahGOOD6339
16Mathieu ShillingtonORL6325
17Wills JonesOAC6323
18Abby RussellOAC6288
19Avram SternGOOD6273
20Trevor VrckovnikGOOD6268