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    Is This You??

    If so, log-in to Rankenstein and edit your account to add a profile picture. See the User Accounts section for more info!
  • ODSA Open City League Session 3 Schedule Available!

    ODSA Open City League Session 3 Schedule Available!

    Check the schedule for full details
  • Most Active Player, Last Month

    Most Active Player, Last Month

    Dave Honsberger - 32 Matches. No wonder you're so good Dave!
  • Transform Your Game!

    Transform Your Game!

    Check out our premium online "Gear Partner", Racquet Science, and knowledgeable proprietor, Larry Howes, for all your Sporting needs!
  • Upset of the Week

    Upset of the Week

    Rex Jung def. Rob Mulrooney. Way to go Rex!
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    Rankenstein Mobile!

    Rankenstein Mobile is available on Google Play and iTunes. Check them out!
  • New Regions!

    New Regions!

    Rankenstein has now been rolled out to two new regions in addition to the ODSA! Check out ODSA, Kingston, or SWO Rankings by browsing your way there from the Region Menu at the top left corner of the page!
  • What If...

    What If...

    Wondering how many points you would gain or lose in a match? Check out the new Points Calculator to find out!
  • Higest Non-Provisional Trend

    Higest Non-Provisional Trend

    David Fullerton - 981. You're fabulous David!
  • Help Improve the Rankings!

    Help Improve the Rankings!

    Log-in to Rankenstein and add your gender and birthday to your profile. Filter the rankings by age category and gender and see where you rank amongst your peers!
  • A Blast From the Past!

    A Blast From the Past!

    Want to re-live the glory days? Or see how far you've come? Check out the monthly Historical Rankings dating back to September 2005!
  • Highest Win Streak

    Highest Win Streak

    Taylor Halfinger - 12 Matches. I hope you're not sand bagging Taylor!

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ODSA Rankings as of 2017-01-20 at 01:01:01

Rank Name Club Rating
1Maxym LeclairSPOR8996
2Shady ElkamhawyOAC8948
3Steve WrenSPOR8892
4Dominic WrenSPOR8879
5David GuestGOOD8877
6Ian WoodheadOAC8872
7Sean Vallejos-SevillaOAC8864
8Kyle OgilvyBARR8845
9Michael Vallejos-SevillaOAC8834
10Matt ArkettRA8824
11Rob WalshCASC8764
12Eric LeblancSPOR8759
13Rudy RodriguezOAC8753
14Berno MaritzGOOD8728
15Gavin HamiltonRA8704
16Steve OakeyRA8696
17Tarun BalarajRA8696
18Jeff WilsonRA8650
19Stephane LussierRA8645
20Franco PatryOAC8636
Rank Name Club Rating
1Julie Springer-AassOAC8333
2Gabby RenaudOAC7997
3Catherine GiachinoOAC7872
4Chloe WrenSPOR7665
5Tracey SlyGOOD7621
6Debbie WithamRA7608
7Lorraine TetreaultGOOD7475
8Stephanie BazinRA7459
9Allison VerneyGOOD7432
10Lisa MacElweeNEP7354
11Anik EganOAC7288
12Roxanne GagneSPOR7260
13Lesley KellyOSGD7257
14Jane HicksRA7250
15Barbara FischerRA7235
16Iman ShaheenBARR7229
17Julie MacElweeGOOD7171
18Danielle ShaienksRA7168
19Catherine WoodRA7152
20Susan LoganRA7142
Rank Name Club Rating
1Dominic WrenSPOR8879
2Tarun BalarajRA8696
3Barrett AassOAC8581
4Ryan DashGOOD8073
5Thomas PorterOAC8064
6Gabby RenaudOAC7997
7Catherine GiachinoOAC7872
8Jacob ZachariahBARR7846
9Iman ShaheenBARR7229
10Philippe ShillingtonOAC7135
11Abby RussellOAC6492
12Romain SalmonSPOR6383
13Felix ScholbergOAC6378
14Mathieu ShillingtonOAC6344
15Wills JonesOAC6331
16Lucas GustinSPOR6319
17Trevor VrckovnikGOOD6300
18Peri AgateGOOD6266
19Noah BennellOAC6254
20Baxter ScholbergOAC6240